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Mekel S’nce performance cut short at St Mary Regatta

August 17, 2023 | Janice Young |

St Mary based recording artiste Mekel S’nce is still trying to understand what transpired at last Wednesday’s staging of the annual Fisherman’s Regatta event held at Pagee Beach in Port Maria St Mary.

The artiste, who had just started his set on stage, was interrupted when one of the men purported to be working with the sound system approached him with another microphone and took the mic the artiste was performing with and exited the stage. The second microphone however was not working at all and left the artiste muted to the very responsive crowd.

The video of the incident has already gone viral on platforms like Pelpa Tv and Questime; for the artiste however it felt like a calculated disrespect or intentional sabotage as there is no reasonable explanation for the microphone switch; especially since this was the microphone all artistes including 450 and Ding Dong had used to perform.

I was officially billed for the event but I guess as a young artiste this sound guy felt free to disrespect me like that. He said the battery was dying and that’s why he came to switch the mic, but everyone was hearing me clearly, the worse part was that the microphone he brought to me was old and rusty and wasn’t working at all,” Mekel S’nce explained

The police on site at the event also had to get involved as the same sound guy got into a fight with one of S’nce’s entourage backstage when confronted. The altercation automatically ended the event and any possibility of the artiste completing his performance.

I am upset about the situation cause I didn’t get to showcase my talent to the audience. I’m a trying young artiste that don’t want any violence attached to my name, I just want the people to hear my music and I know that would not have been done to a more popular act. I just want people to know what young acts have to face out there, but remember the stone that the builder refuse could be the head corner stone,” Mekel added

The artiste has multiple songs currently getting rotation including ‘Time Will Tell‘ and ‘Do Or Die’, he is preparing to release his next single ‘Sex Addict’ later this week.

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