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Navino Releases, “The Raw Truth”

One of Jamaica’s fast-rising dancehall singjays, Navino, is today, Friday, celebrating the release of Raw Truth’, a song which will drive you to other songs. These include, “Party Mi Seh,””Real Friends,” “Chillin’ Time.”” Bag A Gyal,”” DNA,” “Without Love,” “Life Over Death” and “Born Great.”

Q: So, what’s so big about this Raw Truth that everyone is anticipating?

Photo of Navino

N: It’s going to drop this Friday and that’s December 8th to be sure”.

Q: And I suppose everyone will be waiting on that release.

N: if you want to call it that. But, it’s going to shell down the place.”

Q: So, what’s the inspiration, cause your song has so much belly, like every song you have done. Can’t seem to forget your entire journey cause isn’t that what your music is all about, The Raw Truth.

A: Well, I was talking to one of my friends the other day and he was telling me to take my music in a certain direction and I just decided to do it for me and don’t care what other people say. The truth is, you can’t please people, just please yourself, which is The Raw Truth.  I hope that this song will inspire the young upcoming artistes to show off their artistry.

Q: Heard you got a real heavyweight riddim. What’s it like.

A: It’s the Raw Truth’ riddim, a compilation featuring Kip Rich, Shagstar and myself.

Q: Love to hear some of that Raw Truth’ lyrics which I assume is, true to-life- in every sense of the word.

A: Just listen;

Nuh body nuh perfect
Everybody have faults
All when you have the kindest heart You a wicked when dem nuh get what dem want
So, how mi fi please dem
Dutty life dem a live and a act decent
A Gwaan Holy when soul full a demon
This is really the raw truth…”

Q: So what’s your team like?

A. Quite impressive. I got DJ Treasure Music, A’ legends Production, 1 Family Records and Real Live Records. In terms of promotion. I strategies, which include traditional media.

Navino, born Ricardo Fraser is from Annotto Bay St. Mary, and attended Buff Bay High School in Portland.

He previously (2011) was a member of the label, Jah One Production Company, of which Aidonia is the head. That same year, 2011, he released Chillin’ Time on the overproof riddim. This became a hit song.
Navino later left the camp and landed a deal with Patrick “Roach” Samuels and Justus Arison of Ja. Production Company. However, this lasted for about a year and pushed Navino to form his owned Cyaa Tame Records, along with his long-time friend Delano Deluxx Graham, producing songs such as DNA and Without Love. Navino had had other hits such as, “If It’s Not Money” and “Real Friends” – a Seanizzle Production; “Wine Up Fi Mi” ( Anthony Records) and “Bag A Gyal” produced by Johnny Wonder on the 21st Hapilos label.

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