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New Shipment of 55,200 Astra Zeneca Vaccine Doses Arrive In Jamaica.

April 27, 2021 | Susan Smith |

The Minister of Health & Wellness has reported that a new shipment on Vaccines from our COVAX prepaid allotment has arrived on island.  In May those persons due to get their second dose of the Ascazenica vaccine will get priority.

Healthcare workers and seniors are among this priority group. The Minister Dr. Chris Tufton, Health & Wellness has disclosed.  He was a guest on radio yesterday.


A total of 135 000 doses have been distributed to date. Other shipments are due, but there is a shortage worldwide of Vaccine doses.

New Development

The US has promised Jamaica 50,000 from their stocks. The delivery dates were not announced.


They gave us our first 50,000 doses free. They now have a serious outbreak so they are not shipping anymore at this time.


Britain today Tuesday sent ventilator equipment to India to help with their outbreak. India was once a colony of England, but got independence on or about 1948. They are the largest populated democracy with approximately one billion people of mixed races, but mainly of Indian descent.

We wish them speedy recovery.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has International exposure. He is keen on probity in public life.

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