No Matter De Temperature

– Natia Daniel gets stamp of approval at UK Soca Road March –

Out for only a year, but Natia Daniel has already achieved what many dream of:
Vice- UK Power Soca Monarch 2013. 

Natia Daniel
UK’s very own Soca songstress Natia Daniel
(© Clara Black Photography UK)

With her song No Matter De Temperature, Natia not only convinced the jury, but also won the heart of the people who could not get enough of her tune at Notting Hill Carnival in London. Deservedly she also took the second place at the UK Soca Road March, a title based on popularity established by how often a track is played and the crowd’s reaction to it.
“Coming second place in both categories is a great achievement to me. I have competed against artists who have been out for many years”, a delighted Natia told Vision.
“Especially as the Soca Monarch competition requires you to put all your energy into one big performance. It’s like musical theatre, using acting and dancing to present your song. I love putting on a show.”

The 25-year old with St. Lucian roots is not resting on her laurels though: “I want to double the effort and get more experience when it comes to future performances. I hope to go to Grenada’s carnival next year to get more exposure.”
Natia has already sparked the interest, as her name is already travelling across the Atlantic to Canada and the US. Prior to the Miami carnival this October, Dj’s have requested J’ouvert Morning, one of the latest of her catalogue of exhilarating songs.
J’ouvert traditionally marks the start of carnival when people cover themselves in oil, paint or mud to celebrate life. Over the years it has become more colourful with the use of powder and costumes.

“Soca is a celebration of our Caribbean culture. It developed at a time when slavery was abolished and still carries the spirit of freedom of expression. My meaning of Soca is about having a good time and enjoying yourself.”

According to Natia, the earlier you release a song the better, giving it time to spread over into other countries. 22 pic Natia_nmdt“You get those extra few months of play for your music, before carnival starts
This will give us here in the UK enough time to keep up with Natia, who writes most of her songs herself. No Matter De Temperature, however was written and produced by Hitty Lance, a producer from St. Lucia. “He came to London for a few months and introduced me to this song. I instantly liked it, went to the studio and recorded it. I felt that the UK industry did not have something of this style, the song felt like it came straight from the Caribbean.”

Look out for her latest track, Be My Sunset and the music video for No Matter De Temperature. Natia’s also working towards an EP set to release this time next year!

Twitter: @natiadaniel

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