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Embassy SagaIn commemoration of his milestone achievements in theatre and to celebrate his 65th birthday, Jamaica’s greatest comedian, Oliver Samuels, has written Embassy Saga to put a light-hearted twist to the many social stigmas attached to the feared US Embassy visit.

As he did in his Mega-Hit “WHO A DI DON”, Oliver took the most serious current issues affecting Jamaicans and crafted it into 90 minutes of humour. It is suggested that if you plan to attend Embassy Saga, ensure you go with an empty bladder, as there is a particular scene very early in the play where you have to be prepared to restrain yourself to avoid being embarrassed by an unwelcomed gush. However, it gets worse for those of us who can’t handle our laughter because Embassy Saga is truly Oliver at his best and will keep you laughing until the compelling end.

Anyone who has seen the “OLIVER YUH LARGE” episode where he tried to travel overseas without a visa, may be prepared for the fun in this one, but nothing can prepare them for the ending – a twist that is as shocking as it is powerful.

Embassy Saga is not just a drama about a family’s disagreement on whether or not to migrate, rather, it is a provocative story about the infrequently discussed sacrifices made by Jamaicans who leave the island to seek a better life, especially when children are left with an absentee parent and spouses are left alone in the marital bed for months and in some cases, even years.

Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, prepare to enjoy – Embassy Saga.



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