Perspective: Murray Apologizes For “Breach Of Common Sense”

Vision Newspaper
Photo: Heather Murray

We have no problem with Mrs. Heather Murray reaching out to her friend whose husband is in trouble, that is what friends are for … “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This is commendable and Mrs. Murray must not be faulted for this trait.

Assault On Media

For Mrs. Murray to be accused, as seen on TV “assaulting” the media by blocking  video cameras and still photographers from capturing the image of an accused sex predator is  inexcusable to say the least.

The media was going about its lawful business of informing and educating the public. Mrs. Heather Murray should be standing up for our children. They are our future. We need to protect them from predators and abusers who are so demonic that they would be hell-bent on preying on our helpless little ones.

Did Mrs. Heather Murray know that by blocking the media she could be perpetrating assault on children and young girls in particular?.


We note her apology but think her poor judgment could render her unsuitable to be considered a safe person to be in the care of young adults, especially young vulnerable girls. She is principal of a prestigious all girls school which is over 100 years old. This makes her not look good.

We wonder what was going on in Mrs. Heather Murray’s head?

Will she be removed as head of Hampton High School?  We will wait to see the thinking of the powers at be.

Is the interest of the young girls the priority of the education authorities?

Many are left shaking their heads. We are not amused with the behaviour of the authorities, especially the Hampton School Board.

We await the next move of the authorities including the Education Minister Reid. The alleged rape of underage teenagers is not to be taken lightly.

Betrayal Of Trust

The alleged betrayal of trust is disgraceful and must be dealt with urgently. We await the outcome of the case involving the Moravian Pastor Rupert Clarke who has been accused of statutory rape of a 15 year old teen and talk of possibly other similar charges in this ongoing investigation is sickening.

The Pastor is considered innocent until proven otherwise, this presumption of innocence is respected by us. Do you support that position?

We hope so.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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