Perspective: Oh Canada .. On Guard ..

There is no better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than to savor the recent Raptors win of the NBA championships.  It would also be a great gift if the detained Canadians were to be released and HUAWEi’s Meng were to be also released.  
The apparent retaliatory moves which saw the banning of Konola and even pork exports to China are bad moves.  Canada has to stand on guard despite these daunting challenges.
Best Place To Live 
In my perspective Canada remains the safest and best place on earth to live.  There is no perfection on earth, Canada stands tall as it relates to human rights.  The First Nation people has a voice in the Canadian society and their visibility is improving.
Despite the unfortunate events re SNC Lavalin… let the records show that an Attorney General in the person of Jody Wilson-Raybould, a first nation person  for the very first time occupied that high office in a Liberal government and never before in any other Canadian government.
Congrats on your birthday Canada. You are simply the best place on earth to live. Founded in 1867 you continue to be a force to recon with as it relates to Multiculturalism.  Diversity is encouraged in culture and by laws. Jamaicans and other West Indians have built Canada and continue to do so.
Similarities To Canada
These past 152 years of Nationhood both for Canada and Jamaica have been fantastic.
In 1867 the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) was formed and two years before that 1865 was the Morant Bay War ( Rebellion). These two dates show the similarities with Jamaica and Canada.  There were significant developments that followed Canada was born and  between 1865/7 Jamaica got internal self- government from the British as a result of the 1865 war.    Fast forward to June 2019 … PM Holness broke ground for a multimillion dollar new Town Centre and improved 4 lane highway for Morant Bay,  St. Thomas. Over 3000 new jobs will be created.  The face of the town which seem to have stagnated since the 1865 war will get a new lease on life.
Kingston, Ontario was capital of Canada. Kingston is today capital of Jamaica.  Both countries have large Penitentiaries (prisons) located in their Kingstons.  Both have Cement plants located in their Kingstons.  Finally both are Seaport towns. The list goes on of the similarities between Kingston Ontario Canada and Kingston Jamaica W.I.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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