Perspective: Shamarie Of Morant Bay Prep and Primary Tops In Water …

This year’s Water competition at the Preparatory and Primary levels was swept by St. Thomas schools. Morant bay schools have done well.  Shamarie has it locked. We congratulate these educational institutions, teachers, and students.

St. Thomas

Many have been critical of the socio-economic development of this eastern parish.  Ever since the Morant Bay Rebellion … most historians are suggesting that we now label this conflict as the “Morant Bay War.”  Do not ask me to explain why the change?


Following this unfortunate violent conflict in St. Thomas in 1865, historians record that the British and their collaborators torched many houses and there was genocide and hangings by the state. You will recall that Hon George William Gordon and Deacon Hon. Paul Bogle were tried  by kangaroo courts and hanged for their alleged involvement in the so called rebellion.  Bogle and Gordon are now National Heroes of Jamaica.  Other citizens were hanged by the authorities.


Many have since opined that the 1865 conflict has left St.Thomas impoverished and the parish has never recovered from this era.

Town Centre

A multi-million dollar new development dubbed a new “Town Centre” will be built on some ten acres of land in Duhaney Pen, St. Thomas.  This will be a state of the art facility which could boost the parish’s economy by providing construction jobs and space for business development.

We are therefore delighted to learn of these academic successes in this  2018 water competition.


The parish has been stigmatized by the label of being the parish with a high level of those practicing witch craft/obeah and that there has been widespread squatting and illiteracy.  All these ills have been placed at the feet of the British and the legacy of the 1865 Morant bay conflict.


Shortly after this led to the formation in 1867 of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) … aka the police force. They are proudly celebrating 151 years of existence and continuous service.

We congratulate the students on their success in the water competition. This should not be seen as water under the bridge. It should boost their self-esteem.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie was born in Port Morant, St. Thomas, is also Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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