August 22, 2022 | By Silbert Barrett |

This has now become the strategy of both political parties. Forced deportation of the Jamaican middle class to increase remittance inflows into the island to underwrite the continued devaluation of the Jamaican dollar to attract more tourism investments.

Crime in Jamaica is an instrument of social control to deplete the rising power of a middle-class by forcing them to “fly out” and oppress a captive underclass by using them as the dominant electorate subverted by criminal gangs and their “Don” leaders.

You have to go back to the 50s 60s 70s what changes in the 80s? importation of guns and violence to control the political outcome but as Jamaicans flee in the 1980s they were sending back money. The hard currency that the government could not have earned through economic planning so they connect the dots; murder and violence increased to force outward migration in return for an increased inflow of remittance to fund the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar premises on increased exports but exports never increased, but rather to make Jamaica competitive in the tourism industry and attractive to tourism investors.

The Construct of the Political Economy In Jamaica is not to Increase production but rather to gain economies of scale in violence. “Protection Rackets” and Extortion are the emergence of entities which is larger than individuals in the communities. It’s these entities whose business is violence. These are the thugs united in generating scale economies in violence with the output of a political strategy.¬†We’ve got these two economic activities hard-wired into social behavior, production, and violence but what we’ve got is scale economies only in violence.

The lack of growth in the Jamaican economy is directly related to the trade-off in “scale economies in violence” and so communities are organized not to engage in production activities but rather to reap the benefits of scale economies in violence.”

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