Perspective: Windrush Scandal

May’s Apology ….

The irony of the whole Windrush Scandalous revelations is that the person who had the job of Home Secretary in 2012 was Theresa May.  May introduced strict new restrictions. We note her almost tearful apology caught on camera and beamed internationally. It’s quite a contradiction that she is now apologizing. What is May apologizing for?

Should We Accept May’s …

Theresa May as stated above was at the Home Office at the time when the relationships between the Windrush drama was being plotted and the new British thinking came into being.  May was described as behaving like a Pit bull having sunk her teeth for life …. vicious, determined and calculated in denying migrants their rights.   So for her (May) to be now appearing to be shedding crocodile tears is upsetting, deceptive if not downright hypocritical, to say the least. We are not amused
madam May.  She’s offering an apology as if innocent and expecting us to be touched with sympathy for her. May was the genesis of it all?  Wasn’t she?

Destroyed Landing Documents

Let us examine this vexed document Landing papers disappearance which has left  these people to feel like they are second-class citizens in UK …. as it relates to their Landing documents, now destroyed. Can these white folks be trusted?  They ensured that documents ie Landing Documents which were destroyed, and are now asking mainly blacks to prove that they are British. You know very well that these unfortunate mainly black folks have little or no records to prove their residency status. How charitable, eh!


The stage is set to shut them out in the cold or shut them in detention centres as prelude for deportation. A calculated rape.

Tale Of The Tape

1948 Windrush began as Jamaicans and others invited to UK, boarded the MV Windrush destined for The Motherland to reconstruct Motherland after World War 2 …

1971 Windrush migrants expected to be granted legal citizens.

2014 Law changed so the undertakings of 1971 were scrapped.

Landing cards destroyed by the British officials. Date not known.

Home Office’s Thresea May has been described as being vigilant as if a pit bull.

How do you trust these people having destroyed records for Windrush immigrants. Theresa May the now prime minister was head of then Home Office, as Home Secretary.  How do you trust and accept her apology? These white folks are disgusting and strange indeed, the proof is right here. Can you image atrocities like destroyed records … officially destroyed. Where do we go from here?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a social activist, senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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