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April 19, 2018
Perspective: Windrush Scandal
April 20, 2018

Poetic Perspective: Holness Embraces Diversity, Eh!

In an apparent diplomatic move
Which keeps HPM in the groove
Careth not of one’s sex choice …
I Would not have a voice …

PM was in an overseas interview
Foreign press eager for his view
His position on gay rights …
PM cannot be too uptight …

Holness avoided controversy
Treated issue with delicacy …
Jamaica is seen as homophobic
PM has to be overly diplomatic ..

Fmr. PM Bruce did set the stage
His view caused an outrage …
Holness had to be a sage …
Even at his tender age ….

Someone’s sexual orientation
Does not attract my attention
When choosing my cabinet …
Only talent is chosen, you bet

It is not for me to approve
Each decide their groove
My discretion goeth not so far
I have no affinity to be a star ….

We as a people are evolving
Give us time for choosing
A revolving door is the opening
So far we are coping ….

We embrace human rights for all
That is my call …
Otherwise could appall …
If Autumn, winter, summer or fall

Give us time to evolve
The gay issue we will solve …
We don’t wish to be unkind …
Such matters not on my mind

Thinking about Windrush saga
That’s certainly on my agenda
We accept May’s apology …
You see, this is quite an atrocity

To invite, use and then abuse …
Even treat as if refuse …
Such we outright condemn
With one accord, we say Amen!

Expect to be embraced in fold
Not to be shut out in the cold
This was not what they ordain
My concern is the untold pain

To wear the crown …
On certain things you … frown
Leviticus deals in abomination
Not in my cabinet condemnation

My focus is on our GDP growth .
Such success will get my shout
Economic success my position
I have no time for contention …

Morality does not win seats …
Embracing diversity surely beats
Lamb, chicken, beef even fish …
Can be served on my dish …

Bible encourages to fish for men
Doing so no-one can condemn ..
My cabinet embraces diversity
Have no place for straight policy

Not my cabinet, nothing to hide
All on parade with Pride …
No one has a chance to chide
Things are straight on my side

KGN. Pt. Royal not my cabinet
Trust me, we have not a regret …
Despite diversity in my arrow …
We have no space for sorrow

Only pork kind not in my cabinet
Pigs are unclean … no regret …
We mostly relish fish …
They eat garbage but that’s bliss

Ah, ah, ah ….

by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie who is a poet, satirist,  Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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