Poetic Perspective: Do Not Berate

To use as an excuse to berate
Is not a thing any should tolerate
Such behaviour not acceptable
Least to mention palatable

Show respect to your partner …
You will live happily ever after
Banish all forms of disrespect
This we should never accept …

With women being empowered
New attitudes being uncovered
Women now more assertive  …
Hopefully … a false perspective?

Their sudden rise in importance
Is of much significance …
At times sends wrong resonance
Is this a thing to countenance?

Look at the “Me Too” movement
Shaking the male establishment
Accusing powerful men ….
Of sexual acts of way back then

Getting convictions for same
Wreaking untold shame …
A touchy game … many blamed
Complaint of some being framed

Men need to be more faithful …
Of spouses, be more thoughtful
Do not trample on their feeling Could lead to incurable healing

Wives treat your men first rate
If you care about relations’ fate
Do not behave half-bake
For heaven’s sake …

Relationships are crucial to life
Try to avoid strife …
Whether in general life …
Or just as a husband or wife …

Spouses tend to berate the other
It is internationally a bother …
Such ups the divorce rate …
Domestic violence also escalate

A real relationship is so good
Not a formula easily understood
Always room for honest dialogue
Not a memory bank to lodge

Not just talk, talk, talk …
But walk, walk, the talk …
Set a good tone to emulate
Instead of tear down, and berate

It is better to jump in a lake
Than treat your spouse half bake
Putting down your man low rate
Will seal your fate …

Such is not healthy for the heart
Invariably it tears lovers apart
If not married and have plans
Courting rite makes true Trojans

It is good for the future …
To work closely with your lover
Treat the relationship well …
It may just ring that bell …

Sealing for a better family life
Trying to promote less strife
Marriage is always a good call
Togetherness never does appall

Are women victims or villains?
Some see them as new Trojans
Studies showing them on attack
This is an undisputed fact …

Me Too a message being sent …
Stop fooling around and repent
Couples if relating, don’t berate ..
Just endeavour to elevate …


We have been doing a series on various aspects of relationships which has been on a downward slide. Happy relationships our goal.

What is your perspective?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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