Profiling Or An Illegal Stop?

This police officer was observed in Spanish Town, the old capital of Jamaica W.I. July 8, 2019, routinely stopping motorists.  He stopped some taxis and other motorists.  Picture enclosed shows him stopping a female motorist. He made no arrest. Why was she singled out to be stopped?  I was scared to ask why as our police do not take kindly to such questioning at times. He walked away as I was about to approach him anyway.
In Ontario stopping a motorist, especially one of colour can be seen as Carding. This action is illegal.  We at Vision Newspaper have written extensively on this illegal practice.
To stop a motorists “without cause” is illegal.  The practice continues although the courts have ruled against this illegal practice.  The police do so under the guise that they are trying to curtail the movement of criminals.  The law frowns on such illegal stops.  In fact it is seen as an illegal detention. The Jamaican Constitution guarantees freedom of movement.  The police must demonstrate that the suspect has committed a crime or is about to do so. Wendell Wilkins, attorney at law endorsed this position on radio recently.  “Stop and search at random is illegal” Wilkins assert on “At Your Service” hosted by Vernon Derby.
Poetic Commentary 
Let us respect our Constitution and not act outside same 
As otherwise is a downright shame …
Act as if you are bright…
For freedom of movement is a right.
We must respect the law whether we are populace or police.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC Vision Newspaper Canada. 

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