Providing Youth with Summer Jobs in Toronto and the GTA

Summer JobsWork opportunities made easy with fundraising campaign for the Toronto Creole Caribbean Food Festival. Many young people around the GTA find it hard to secure summer jobs and fight boredom during the summer months. With this complaint being brought to light by many college and high school students, our organization is contributing to the solutions by generating 200 jobs for youth. Through a brief interview and job application submission process, all youth are given an opportunity to work and acquire experience with letters of reference being handed out upon completion of the summer job fundraising campaign. This campaign runs through the months of June to August 2016.

We believe that there is a great need to assist youth with attaining life skills and work experience in the private and public sectors. Organizations and businesses play a pivotal role in creating such personal development opportunities for city youth, through volunteer opportunities. However, income generating summer jobs are limited and many teenagers and young adults are finding it difficult to obtain comfortable positions to avoid being idle during the summer break. In recruiting youth for our fundraiser we’ve realized that more needs to be done to accommodate the thousands of high school and college students looking for temporary employment.

Our Festival planning committee is excited to provide youth with training, interpersonal, presentation, leadership, communication and employability skills. Attention will also be given to developing tact and diplomacy, improving self-esteem and confidence, building rapport, problem solving, decision making, negotiations and furnishing their resumes with particularly work experience at the end of this initiative.

Students interested in this opportunity are asked to contact our team for the chance to serve in the following capacities: distributing hundreds of wristbands, filling out raffle entries and taking photos and videos (for social media uploads) of prospects in the public space. Members of the community are being asked to support our youth in their quest to meet their weekly goals in entering names into the festivals raffle draw and handing out of wristbands for pledges. All funds raised will go towards the overall execution of the festival and its expenditures.
To get your wristbands for the Toronto Creole Caribbean Food Festival look for our canvassers wearing our coal pot emblem T-shirts. The Toronto Creole Caribbean Food Festival is an event lasting two days, with a beer tent, breastfeeding tent, carnival rides and jumping castles, 40+ food vendors, great music and Caribbean African fashion wear.

Students and young adults can contact us via email: at partyceo@hotmail.com or torontocreolefestival@gmail.com or Tel: 647-289-9645. Join our team for exciting of and adventurous days of summer, motivational business meetings and parties with awards for great performance and skills acquired.

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