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Public Emergency Declared in St. Catherine North Police Division … Ja. W.I.

A State Of Public Emergency has been Declared in St. Catherine North Police Division following an upsurge in violent acts especially homicides.

The Security Forces “wrote to me as Prime Minister and so recommended that this be do”  Declared PM Holness at a hastily called press briefing at Jamaica House, flanked by acting Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, Justice Minister Hon. Delroy Chuck, Major General Rocky Meade CDS, and Hon. Robert Montague, National Security Minister … who appealed for citizens to support the Enhanced Security Measures.

Citizen’s Rights

PM Andrew Holness

“Despite the suspension of certain rights and increased powers given to the Police under this declaration …I urge you to respect the Rights of citizens.  Actions taken under this State Of Public Emergency are subject to judicial review.”  Declared a stony faced PM as he addressed and took questions from journalists.


To the best of my belief and knowledge, Vision Newspaper was not invited to attend press briefing.

This declaration of Enhanced Security Measures will be in force immediately and will last for 14 days. Parliament will have to renew same when it expires 14 days if an extension is recommended.


There has been a 100 percent increase in homicides when compared with the corresponding period in 2017 when 23 were recorded. To date 48 homicides have been recorded up to March 18, 2018.

My daughter Dr. Tanika reported inter alia  “We passed through a checkpoint manned by the security forces this afternoon in St. Catherine North Police Division. We never thought it was unusual …”

Opposition PNP

Julian Robinson, General Secretary while supporting the Enhanced Security Measures has appealed to the Security Forces to respect the “Rights of detainees.”

We will supply further details in due course.

March 19

New Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson (rtd) takes office tomorrow March 19, 2018 as previously announced. PM Holness reminded his audience as he fielded questions

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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