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Ras Oney Gives Advice to Upcoming Artistes

Rastafarian singer, Ras Oney has learnt much in the music business, which he claims can be challenging at times.

“My over fifteen years performing on shows here in Jamaica, has prepared me to reap success.

“I have performed abroad on four shows, three in the US and another in Trinidad and Tobago.”  This, he says, has give him the exposure and experience he has been using for shows in Jamaica.

“It is good for every emerging artiste to get as much exposure abroad.

“The experience I got teaches me to be professional. One needs to know about the importance of rehearsal and your target audience. The number of rehearsal defends on how much time you are given on a show to perform. An artiste who is allowed, say 30 minutes, must also take into consideration the number of songs he hopes to do within that time. “However, the mood of the audience can change at any given time and as such the artiste may have to alter his plans and improvise.

“Artistes must also bear in mind presentation, which includes how well he is able to connect with his audience. And, if it involves leaving the stage on to the grounds, do it for the sake of your success.”

Ras Oney says it is also vital to, “put your best foot forward, even when there are only a handful of people.

“Those few patrons will tell others how well you had performed, which is good promotion on your part.

“Try and remember to have your tracks well tuned before your performance and double check to ensure they are the correct ones.”

Ras Oney did his first show in Tennessee, United States.

“This came through a friend called Jah Niceness based in US. The venue was a Howard Johnson Hotel, and this was sometime in 2010,” he shared.

“It was a good vibes with the audience well receptive. I did two songs, All Night, an original produced by House of Congress, Portmore, St, Catherine; the other being a cover version.

The second show was in Wellington, US. There, I did three songs.

The first, If you Want time, an original produced by Family Tradition Records, Movie Star, a cover version originally done by Errol Dunkley and All Night.

Ras Oney has also performed In Trinidad and Tobago on their Jazz Festival in 2014.

“I did a collaboration with reggae artiste Stephanie Winchester from Tobago. This was a great performance, the crowd enjoyed every moment.

“I am very ready for more overseas shows. Give thanks to all of my fans who have been supporting Ras Oney throughout the years.”

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