Perspective: Samuda Refutes Dayton Campbell’s Smear Campaign?

In Parliament last Tuesday, while making his contribution to the Sectoral Debate PNP MP for North East St. Ann, Dr. Dayton Campbell, used the opportunity to launch what can best be described as a smear campaign against the good name of the 38 year sitting MP for the JLP for North Central St. Andrew Hon. Karl Samuda. Dr. Campbell accused Karl Samuda, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries etc. of a possible conflict of interest for planting a plot of grass and for firing the then CEO of the Dairy Development Board.

If correct this would have been gross misconduct and political victimization on the part of Minister Karl Samuda. Samuda has an impectible record of honesty and excellent service as a parliamentarian.

Hon. Samuda denied firing the CEO. He was fired by the Board for poor performance on the job.


Mr. Samuda, a long standing farmer was offered a plot of demonstration grass by Technocrats at his Ministry which is a practice given to all farmers free of cost. Anxious to possibly tarnish Samuda’s image and character for possibly political motives. Samuda described Campbell’s action as “Mischief” ….

In our investigations and folling a press conference on Wednesday last, we are satisfied the the allegations of Dr. Dayton Campbell, who is Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture is false and without foundation.

In our perspective, we think it is wrong for MPs to use the privileged of Parliamentary immunity to smear the character of their opponents.

Lisa “Jezebel” Hanna did something similar to Hon. “Babsy” Grange recently. We condemn such as dirty politics. We are aware that politics is not a Sunday School matter. Seeking power by all means shoud in our view not the way to go.

Such conduct is not illegal, we should add for the records.

What is your perspective? … This is ours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC Vision Newspaper .

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