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Kingston Jamaica, Just when we thought the Chris Gayle fiasco was close to being over the incident has now become a source of inspiration.

Recording artiste and TV personality Sanjay has officially released his single produced by Karl Morrison for Portland Cottage Records entitled ‘Don’t Blush Baby’, and you guessed it, it speaks predominantly about the big reaction to the Chris Gayle incident recently.

“It was pretty much all over the media so was hard to miss it. I was also struck by the impact it was having over the world as i saw people doing t shirts etc and thought it was good material to put into a song” Sanjay admitted

Sanjay himself agrees with the general thought that Chris Gayle’s comments during his interview with TV reporter Mel McLaughlin in Australia recently were inappropriate and out of place; but also believes the backlash has been a little exaggerated, even here in Jamaica.

“We can all agree that he made a mistake and he has been very apologetic about this so i think especially us in his home country, who he has represented so well, should be a little more supportive of him, in spite of his faux pas.” Sanjay added

For the Dancehall single ‘Don’t Blush Baby’ Sanjay hopes to throw some levity on the subject. He believes the single offers some humor to an otherwise serious situation and hopes Chris Gayle himself will hear the single and laugh at the witty delivery.

Sanjay wants to also publicly let Chris Gayle know that even though his actions were inappropriate, most Jamaican men can probably relate in some way.

“I want him to know that we are thankful that he took one for the team and set an example and a lesson that will make more Jamaican men more aware of their actions in inappropriate circumstances. It’s a lesson our culture needs and not just Chris” Sanjay added

Initially the ‘Don’t Blush Baby’ single is set to intrigue listeners by the topical nature of the content but is also expected to strike them as actually a very good song independent of its related story-line.

Sanjay is also looking into shooting a video parody for the single with a popular female media personality here in Jamaica, he would also be interested in Chris Gayle himself playing a role in the visuals to be released sometime in early February.

Sanjay is also currently focused on promoting the remix for his popular ‘Belleh’ single that features Dancehall powerhouse acts; Tifa, Demarco and Shelly Belly.

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