Scotia, Jimmy Cliff collab to launch song

Jimmy Cliff

The Scotia Foundation has partnered with the Jimmy Cliff Foundation to raise funds for benefit of the island’s children. The joint initiative will see Scotiabank and Jimmy Cliff hosting a fundraising dinner to launch the single called ‘Children’, written by Winston ‘Niney’ Holness and performed by Jimmy Cliff, as well as raise funds for the Jimmy Cliff Foundation, which intends to make a donation to the scoliosis and spine-care programme at KPH for children.

The fundraising dinner will be held on the 1st of June, with Jimmy Cliff featured as the guest speaker.

According to Mrs Joylene Griffiths Irving , executive director at the Scotia Foundation and director of Corporate and Social Responsibility at Scotiabank, the company has no reservations about partnering with local artistes; however, the music and cause must be positive.

“We heard the song, and we said this is perfect, and when we heard the call from the Child’s Month committee for support, we came on to give our support. We are going to be giving our resources, and it is really a partnership, so we are gong to be calling upon corporate Jamaica to be a part of the event,” she continued.

“I have no reservations on this kind of music. I can play it, I can sing it, I can dance to it, and there is nothing negative about it. I think this kind of music is what we need to reverse what is happening. By preaching love, it will have an impact on you,” she told The STAR.


Jimmy Cliff told the audience that he loves children, and he has always felt like a child, even during his adult stage. He also said he was drawn to the song at the first instance record producer/song writer Holness showed him the wording.

“I look at myself as a father; all the children are mine. and with that kind of concept, you will be concerned for all the children. When ‘Niney’ asked me to record the song, I did it full speed, and I am pleased today that Scotiabank has come on board. Without the kids, we have no future, so this is a very serious situation. The atoms of good are bursting in the air, and that is why so many of us are waking up to say something has to be done. So we have to do something to save ourself, because in saving our children, we are saving ourselves,” Jimmy Cliff said.

Winston ‘Niney’ Holness later disclosed that the song was written 25 years ago. However, Jimmy Cliff was the perfect messenger.

“I have a child that is autistic, and I bring him to Jamaica. But the way I see they deal with autistic kids in Jamaica, I felt like I needed to get this out. I said, Jimmy this is what I have, and that we wanted to send this one out to the kids, and I am proud of the results,” Niney said.

Additional information about the June 1st fundraising dinner will be released to the press in coming days.



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