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March 3, 2022
March 3, 2022

Singer Dee Continues on his “Ten Toes” Journey

Photo: Singer Dee

March 3, 2022 | Susan Smith |

Recording artiste Singer Dee is shining a spotlight on one of his most recognized tracks, titled “Ten Toes.” Originally released in 2016, the track was revised by Markus Records and Lava Voice Production

“This song is definitely about the struggles of life, growing up with our neighbours and seeing what some of the youths go through, going to school barefoot and things like that. It’s showing where we’re coming from as youths and as a nation on a whole,” the artiste explained.

With the renewed sound, the song has performed amazingly in the United States, having reached the top of the West Palm Beach Top Ten Reggae Chart and staying there for over a year.

“The feedback really has been tremendous. A lot of people recognize me all over for this song and it really was a breakout hit for me. My hopes for the track are massive, I’m hoping to see it continue to grown and gain recognition,” the artiste expressed. At the heights of its success however, promotions were stalled due to the global pandemic.

“COVID affected my music in some ways, when it started that was around the time my song was booming. We give thanks same way, I was still able to eat a food because of the music so we just keep it going,” he stated.

Over the years, Singer Dee has made a name for himself with tracks that resonate with listeners, focusing on relatable topics in past singles such as “Another Quarrel”, “Never Give Up”, “A Suh Dem Stay” and “Woman Me Love You.”

“My music is forever, all of my releases are timeless and can apply to situations in society for many years to come,” he stated.

Looking ahead, the artiste has plenty more in store in the coming months, starting with a Reggae album that is slated to feature the ‘biggest Reggae riddim from 2007.’ The project will be graced by a host of big name artistes such as Richie Spice, George Nooks and Junior Reid.

Susan Smith is a Public Relations Manager for Powerhouse Global Media

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