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Spanish ‘dye dye’ hits the streets this week

MAckaDancehall superstar Macka Diamond has completed the Spanish version of her runaway ‘Dye Dye’ hit and will be releasing the single this week to tap into Latin and South American markets, where the song has begun to take off.

“I will be releasing it because I am very excited about this project. The translator did an excellent job, Adrian the producer is pleased with how it came out. And the demand for the song is incredible…a lot of selectors and radio personalities have been linking me for the song, both locally and overseas,” she said.

Macka Diamond wowed patrons during the Labour Day weekend when she performed during DJ Nore’s ‘Anything Goes’ show. She also went to the city of Orlando as part of her ongoing book tour.

“The book tour has gone remarkably well, my a profile is even bigger with the success of Dye Dye that went No.1 on dancehall reggae charts in at least five countries. The book has been going well,” she said.

Macka Diamond plans to do a launch of the video for the single, Body Calling,for So Unique Records later this month, given the Internet buzz surrounding the racy video and single.

“Dexter 3D was the one who shot the video and he did my make-up and everything and gave me an incredible new look; so the video is going to be very impressive,” she said.

Macka Diamond will head to Trinidad for another show on September 23. She is also confirmed for three shows in the United Kingdom, on November 29 through to December 1.


By: Jamaica Star

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