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There is No Place Like It “Welcome To Jamaica!”

There is No Place Like It “Welcome To Jamaica!”

September 16, 2021 | Natasha VonCastle |

There is no place in the world like it so its fitting that we say “Welcome To Jamaica!”

There is No Place Like It “Welcome To Jamaica!”

From her white-sand beaches to the beat of her music, Jamaica is a land that is loved by all.  Between the sunrise and sunset, the vibrancy of Jamaica’s culture makes her magnetism irresistible.

GRAMMY-nominated and Reggae star Jah Cure has penned a beautiful song in honor of Jamaica.  Exclusive to this year’s Reggae Gold 2021 collection, “Welcome To Jamaica” is a sweet ode to the nation that has given popular attractions such as world-class music festivals, top-performing athletes, mouth-watering food, and superstar musicians.

About his song, Jah Cure says “there is nowhere else in the world like Jamaica – everyone needs to visit.  They will receive a warm welcome.”

Make sure you download the song today!

Source VP Records

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