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Twani gets introspective on new YPREE single

September 29, 2020 | Janice Young |

Dancehall newcomer Twani Price is again dropping new music for his growing international fan base. The artiste who released a new single over the weekend called ‘Ypree‘ is showing his versatility with more introspective lyrics on this release.

Ypree is paying homage to those who have lost someone, especially when the world is so crazy right now. I personally lost friends a couple years ago and I wanted to just express how that made me feel,” Twani shared

The artiste also felt that he needed to make it clear to some that he isn’t a walkover or shouldn’t be considered soft because he started out as a comedian and social media celebrity.

Things would be very different if I didn’t choose music, sometimes people look at you as simple or soft but silent rivers run deep and I’m capable of reacting just like anyone else especially if I’m violated,” Twani added

The video for the YPree single produced by Daino Music Records was also released over the weekend and is one of the more sober videos done by the artiste. Directed by HR Visuals, the HD viideo can be viewed on Twani’s YouTube channel.

Right now the artiste is concentrating on building a catalog of songs for a full performance set. His singles Honda and Na Lef are already hits, while singles Phenomenal Remix and IG Post are about to be released.

Janice Young is a PR Director/Event Coordinator & Advertising Consultant with StreetCred Jamaica

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