Update on Contaminated Petrol, Andrew Holness’ Van Stalls enroute to Accompong … bad gas.

JGRA president Leonard Green declared

When this scandal broke, Vision was early out of the blocks to bring the revelations to you. We now give you the latest. The government responding to mounting pressure and outcry has intimated that consumers could be compensated for damage done to car engines etc. due to contaminated gas sold to unsuspecting consumers … this is a reversal of their previous position.

As Jamaican consumers continue to reel from “bad gas” the deepening crisis has been putting severe pressure on motorists. Any possible legal action against the powers at be is getting more complex as the days go by.

In the latest development a leading marketing/distributor Rubis who independently imports gas has confirmed that one of its stations has been ordered closed. It is still not clear as there are other reports that the company itself has been asked to close its filling plant at Rockfort to the eastern end of Kingston.

Rubis has denied accusations leveled at the company and threatened legal action.

Chair of Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) advised that “all the tests are to be re done in the west as a critical point was overlooked … we have problems at Rubis stated the Bureau of Standards chair Professor Winston Davidson. It is Rubis’s right to challenge any test but as an internationally certified lab we stand by our tests which we are sure can withstand any challenge, legal or otherwise.
There has been an adverse finding. Culpability has not been established.”

Based on our analysis we have not established culpability on the part of dealers … we cannot release the findings.

We have issues with one Mktg. company as we are going to retest. I have modified the order. “Additives are as approved” states RAYMOND SAMUELS of Rubis who has written to say inter alia.

“FIve stations have been ordered closed, we stand by our product.”

JGRA president Leonard Green declared. “Dealers have been closed from Wednesday last and reopened Sunday … products have found to be contaminated. We feel exonerated. At least 2 sites/stations were closed last Wednesday … we are disappointed on the claim of suppliers. Corporate responsibility is disappointing from Mktg. companies.”

“Petrojam’s products have been retested and those sites ordered closed were supplied by Petrojam. 87 and 90 petrol for example. declared Professor Winston Davidson, chair of BSJ.

There are 300+ stations and two sources of supply. We will be calling a general meeting to discuss the matter. Some products were found to be not of the required standard. Stated Leonard Green of JGRA.


Andrew Holness who is a victim of the bad gas saga had written to Simpson Miller enclosing a bill as claim for repairs to his van which stalled on the highway going to ACCOMPONG. A wrecker/tow truck had to be used to pick up vehicle.

It is alleged that the Mining Minister has commercial interest in the petroleum industry.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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