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Version Xcursion x Amai Kuda release highly anticipated Holding Back EP

Toronto, ON (June 21, 2019) – Today Version Xcursion x Amai Kuda unleash their long awaited collaborative EP Version Xcursion (VX) presents: Holding Back VX & Amai Kuda on the new SystemEcho Recordings label. The three track EP seamlessly and refreshingly connects the stellar UK bass driven sounds of Bristol, England born DJ/ producer Lee Castle aka Sassa’le, with celebrated Afro Soul songwriter and vocalist Amai Kuda, daughter of Canadian literary icon Nourbese Philip. The EP’s debut single “This is How”, which premiered on The Strombo Show, won over audiences looking for that rare combo of soulful and heady new music with a unique Afrodiasporic sound and aesthetic. “Holding Back is a reflection of my past growing up in St. Paul, Bristol, a working-class neighborhood populated by Jamaican immigrants,” explains Sassa’le. “More then just a collection of tracks, the EP is here to educate and bring awareness to the musical richness and history of the St Paul’s Bristol sound. my home town.” Collaborator Amai Kuda describes the making of this groundbreaking EP as being a “refreshing process”, which is a huge deal considering her past collaborations with everyone from hip hop / alternative singer Kinnie Starr to rap icon M1 (Dead Prez). “The message that comes through constantly in my music is the call to ‘follow’ ancestors and take up the wisdoms of the past…Lee is also on a mission to share an aspect of Black peoples’ history and the magic of some of our musical stories.”

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