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Voiceover Icon and Radio Personality, Cayman Kelly, Celebrates National Voiceover Day by Acknowledging Other Important Artists in the Field

WASHINGTONMarch 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Author, radio host, and entrepreneur Cayman Kelly welcomes National Voiceover Day by reflecting on his own artist’s journey while honoring gifted new talent into the field. Celebrated on March 15 this year, National VO Day honors both the historical figures and current voiceover artists who have worked hard behind-the-scenes to entertain and enlighten audiences across the world.

As the voice of numerous radio stations across the country and overseas territories that include the UK, DubaiAustraliaTrinidad and Tobago, and the voice heard in commercials, TV promos, along with being the National Voice of ESPN Radio, which by the way created history for Cayman by becoming the first African American imaging voice of any Sports Radio Network in the U.S. He’s also the voice on Monday Night Football, NHL, and the NBA. Kelly’s rich and velvety tones are a staple of American sports and radio. But he remains intimately familiar with the struggle it takes to reach success and is happy to remind listeners that Black voices have always been here – elevating American art and entertainment for countless generations.

“Although hundreds of people routinely audition for voiceover parts, only a small percentage of voiceover actors get the work available,” Kelly said. “So supporting new artists is crucial to our variety, diversity, and continuing this art form. Especially with the advancement of technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence. I always want to support and pay tribute to new talent and their accomplishments and help coach them along their journey. After all, we owe it to each other. We aren’t blessed just to keep it to ourselves.”

VO Day: Shoutouts to Great Talent 

● Rick PartyRick Party is an on-air radio personality like myself who started doing voice overs a few decades ago, and I’ve always admired his work from afar. When we finally met in-person, I found out what a great human he is as well. He was always willing to share with me, whether it was a kind word to tell me that I was doing a good job on something, or some tech settings to make my mic sound nice! I consider Rick Party to be my big brother in the industry.”

● Donovan Corneetz“Rick and I adopted a little brother in the industry named Donovan Corneetz, who has already made a huge footprint in the industry. Corneetz can be heard on TV promos, trailers, commercials, video games, and more. In our talks, Donovan, Rick, and I found out that we have all voiced some of the same properties. But the cool thing is, we don’t view each other as competition. I think we are all of the same belief: ‘What God has for me, it’s for me!'”

● Gabe Kunda: “I also recently learned about a young man named Gabe Kunda, who I have to show much love to. Gabe is relatively new to the industry, but his productivity is impressive, voicing a ton of movie trailers, promos, narrations, and characters in anime and video games. Much respect to Gabe for using his platform to inspire young Black kids, teaching them that there are other life paths to pursue outside of the norm.”

● Some of Kelly’s other favorite VO artists include: T.C. Carson, Morgan FreemanRegina KingPhil LaMarr, Cree Summer, and others working to keep the artform fresh, vibrant, and alive.

Read about Cayman’s career journey and rise to fame in the #1 Bestselling Amazon memoir, “From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream.” And for the latest news on Kelly’s voice appearances, ESPN show announcements, and other projects, follow Cayman Kelly on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn.

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