West Indians Should Not Fall For Anansy-ism

March 24, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

For a period of one year since this new executive took charge of a failed Dave Cameron’s wrecking job they have done an excellent job. Ricky Skerritt have been able to recover a wrecked organization which was deep in shaving cream up to their neck.  There were allegations of poor financial management before. Dave Cameron has nothing to crow about.

Debts Paid

The Skerritt board had to pay down urgent debts so as to rescue the almost bankrupt organization calling itself West Indies Cricket.  For example $10 million had to be used to pay down urgent debt.  Wannabes have said they would have renegotiated the loan. Nonsense! Credibility is key. Honourable people pay their bills due in a timely manner. Full stop!

Collective Responsibility

The contender is a member of the current board as a director and as such must take joint or collective responsibility for decisions adopted.

Wayne Walker

They will come like a snake oil dealer with gimmicks to fool the crowd. We hope their glitzy Manifesto will only dazzle Sports Editor Mr. Wayne Walker of Nationwide.  I am not impressed.

We need no chance of leadership at this time at the helm of Regional Cricket. Skerrett et al are doing a great job. Team is motivated and doing well. Will they win this Test?

We will see 300+ us not impossible to hit off with a day to do so.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is an avid sports enthusiast. Also a veteran journalist with International exposure.

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