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Wutan Clan affiliate Wufam Billboard celebration in Jamaica

July 31, 2021 | Anthony Edwards |

WuFam members King Tiger and Alistar are coming to Jamaica with their manager Full Moon who is from the original Wutan to celebrate the success of hitting the Billboard charts on the album Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica. The Reggae Collectors Edition in 2020. The album was executive produced by Sean Contractor Edwards.

They have received Billboard plaques for their achievement of being on the Billboard Compilation Album Chart at #16 with other mainstream labels such as Motown and Disney. King Tiger and Alistar are heavily influenced by reggae and dancehall. They will celebrate their Billboard accomplishment. On Aug 3rd At the Couples Resorts in Tower Isle Jamaica. There will be live links of the celebration. On Zip103fm and it will be coordinated by Contractor.

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