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October 26, 2016
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October 27, 2016

X6 murder Case fizzlies – Jamaicans fuming

Breaking Jamaican News

Patrick Powell being escorted into a police cruiser.


X6 murder Case: Gun Not Turned Over. Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn said: Patrick Atkinson, QC who represents X6 owner/driver Mr. Patrick Powell .” Mr. Patrick Atkinson was Attorney General in the Portia Simpson Miller led government at or around the time in 2011 when the murder was committed. “Patrick Atkinson was a “bull walk.” Paula Llewellyn

Five Years Murder Case

Patrick PowellAfter five years of agonizing wait the unexpected is the reality. A student shot in a taxi fails to get what appears to be “no” justice … as the prosecution is forced to put forward no further evidence as their star witness fails to shine.  It has left  our Jamaican  society virtually crying foul.
How could it have happened?


DPP PAULA LLEWELLYNIt was July 1, 2011 that school boy Kaliel Mais was shot in a taxi after a so called fender bender. The taxi in which he was travelling collided with a X6 Jeep  … it is alleged that the driver of the X6 alighted and fired a shot (s) from his licensed firearm into the taxi allegedly hitting the youngster and killing him.
Did Not Hand Over Firearm …
The driver of the X6 refused to hand over his firearm for ballistic testing. Patrick Atkinson QC, has denied that he instructed his client Patrick Powell not to turn over his firearm to Police. Lead attorney Patrick Atkinson was speaking in an interview with Cliff Hughes on Nationwide Radio FM 90.3,  also (Allen) issued a veil threat of possible legal action if there was insistence that he be accused of having instructed his client not to turn over his firearm for ballistic testing.

Patrcik Atkinson QC Jamaica

Patrcik Atkinson QC Jamaica

The DPP said: “The police made strenuous efforts to get accused to hand over his firearm” … she (DPP) further said “Patrick Allen created a “bull walk” and instructed his client not to hand over his firearm.”
There are 22,000 legal firearms issued by the Firearm Licencing Authority (FLA).
DCP Gilmore Hinds said “Patrick Powell’s house was searched  but the firearm was not located.” The DCP Hinds also said  “Patrick Powell stated that he was instructed not to turn over his firearm by his attorney.”
If Patrick Atkinson didn’t, who did? Who would have been in a position to do so? It should be noted that it is the duty of an attorney to so protect the interest of his or her client especially not to incriminate self.
The murder trial is over but the failure of Patrick Powell to hand over his firearm is before the criminal court as Powell was arrested and charged under the Firearm Act.

Revocation of Licence
DCP Gilmore Hinds has confirmed that the FLA has been asked to revoke the firearm licence issued to Patrick Powell. We will follow up this matter in a subsequent perspective.
Was justice served in the Kaliel Mais’  murder trial? The verdict is yours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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