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April 13, 2018
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Dr. Dayton Campbell, PNP MP appears anxious to get noticed, but be reminded that to receive “State Secrets” by say a leak, is a criminal act. The person who receives stolen data or physical property is as guilty as the thief. As someone legally trained you are aware of this fact. There is a law called “The Official Secrets Act” if breached is punishable by prison term. All Civil Servants,  sensitive players in certain positions sign this document. To breach same is criminal. We know there is a Whistle Blower law. This leak is a different issue.


The sick building aka Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) is a long term patient in need of recuperation/rehabilitation. This is no state secret dating back before 2016. It is disingenuous for Dr. Dayton Campbell to be pretentious. You know better. Do not gloat if you have received stolen data/property but for your own reasons you fail to know that such is illegal. None of us acquire any immunity which inoculates us from not serving a prison term, if found guilty of breaking the law. Wise up my friend Dr. Dayton Campbell, your future is bright, don’t tarnish same.


A leaking building will produce mold … coupled with asbestos is a potentially unhealthy cocktail.  Dr. Dayton Campbell, a Certified medical doctor and also legally trained knows this well.


Whether your parent is a single mom, a doctor or a helper … ignorance is no excuse under the law. No one whether a single mom, a doctor, or a politician is above the law. We are expected to operate within the law. Illegality is not acceptable. Receiving stolen property is a crime. For someone who knows better this is not only inexcusable, but a low down act.


We sympathize with anyone who has suffered at CRH due to conditions there.  This was not acceptable. Ills at CRH should have been corrected long ago … oops! This is not a perfect world.


Sections of the hospital’s services were scaled down and work to correct the ills of the sick patient CRH building is in full swing.  Patient care would have been totally lost … lives would have been lost without suitable alternative means of accommodation for patient care.  To close CRH prematurely would be bordering on the criminal. Dr. Christopher Tufton acted well under the circumstances.  There is no need for you to resign, Sir.  Talk is cheap.

We look forward to a refurbished CRH building back in service soon.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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