Upate: Aftermath of Moravian Sex Scandal

There seems to be a light in the tunnel as the chairman the Hampton School Board has apologized to Education Minister Ruel Reid for sending a release which was erroneous and gave the wrong impression to the public.

In a nutshell, it stated that the Minister and the Hampton School Board were at variance regarding a decision arrived at, at a meeting held between the parties.  The decision arrived at was that Principal Murray would proceed on “compassionate leave”.

You will recall that Murray was captured on National Television blocking the media, especially photographers from taking pictures of Pastor Clarke.  Her defense was that pastor Clarke’s wife was her close friend and she was just giving moral support to a friend.  This was at the bail hearing for rapist accused Pastor Clarke who was caught raping a 15 year old teenager in his car, in a lonely ally late one evening in December 2016.  He was Pastor of the Nazarite Moravian Church in St. Elizabeth.

The Education Minister said the Board chairman would not be reappointed when his/board’s tenure ended at the end on March 2017.

“The chairman no longer enjoys my confidence” asserted Minister Reid in an interview monitored by Vision Newspaper.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC vision newspaper.

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