Alkaline collabs with Sean Kingston



Months after the release of ‘Ride On Me’ and millions of YouTube views later, Alkaline has scored a remix with international pop artiste Sean Kingston.

Ride On Me was released three months ago and was produced by DJ Frass

According to the producer of the song, the remix came about after Sean Kingston expressed an interest in doing some work with Alkaline.

“Sean Kingston reached out to Alkaline a couple months ago (and) seh him waan do some work with him (Alkaline),” Frass told THE STAR.

“We met up in LA and we made him hear some songs and he liked the Ride On Me song so him put a verse on it.”

Since the release of the remix last week, Frass says the response has been tremendous.

“It a do well and a play pon couple popular radio stations overseas like BBC 1xtra, Hot 97, Power 105 and all the other local stations,” he said.

although the song has made the rounds on YouTube, DJ Frass said the remix might bring new attention to the song and a new market for Alkaline.

“Sean Kingston is an international artiste and him sell like triple platinum, so maybe we can sell like a five time platinum with this,” Frass said, laughing.

“Maybe it can mek Alkaline crossover in the international market with this song.”

Frass added that a music video should be shot this month in LA. In addition, he said Alkaline’s EP will be released by Summer.



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