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Anna-Kay’s Big Surprise!

She is already a recognized dancer, but hardly anyone knew she had the making of a Lady Saw or Spice flavour that could turn her into a dancehall hit by year-end.

On Friday, August 25, Fully Bright dancer Anna-Kay (or Thickers), born Anne-Kay Francis, surprised even the real doctor deejay Shaka Pow, a veteran in dancehall.

“Anna-Kay is really amazing. I’ve got to record her, not tomorrow, but right away. What I have seen is full proof that she has everything to make her into a star. She (Anna-Kay) reminds me of Lady Saw in her dancehall glory.

“And, then I also think of Spice and Lady Patra. They too have commanded a lot of attention from local and international fans, “the deejay reveals.”

But, what did Anna Kay do differently on that glorious August night, if one should ask.

“Otherwise from being seen as a dancer,  It was Shaka Pow who greeted me with open arms saying I had surprised and captivated him, in such a way that he wanted to record me. He thought I did everything right that night.

“Even my colleague Wassdemm was surprised. He complimented my lyrics and attitude,” Anna-Kay remarked.

Dressed in a blue jumper shorts set, along with a white psycho-bunny top; white Airforce sneakers  with white psycho-bunny socks; popular mohawk hairstyle with cornrow edges.”

There were lots of photos with some of the main; who came out.

The hype was building with lens moving around Shaka Pow and international selector Maestro Dan who were enjoying the party.

Anna-Kay first pulled out a song titled “Rasta Girl”, followed by  “Ignorant” an educational song for females. She also included two sexually-laced songs with Energy Viva, a friend of Wassdemm.

Anna-Kay feels she will definitely add deejaying to her popular dance moves, and hopes to win promoters call for some great December shows.

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