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Breaking News: Ninja Man to clash with Merciless, Christmas Eve night at the House of Dancehall


Ninja Man
Ninja Man

For the lovers of the lyrical wars who were lamenting the disappearance of clashes from the entertainment scene, Christmas has come early, well one day early at least, as fans of the genre will be gifted with a lyrical brawl at the House of Dancehall. Ninja Man clashes with Merciless, Christmas Eve night at the House of Dancehall, 6 Cargill Avenue in Kingston with a major major twist. The most anticipated clash in years will be refereed by the one and only infamous Reneto Adams.

Timed perfectly for the Yuletide season, the artistes have been attacking each other on social media with Ninja saying that this time he will not only kill Merciless lyrically but he will “bun the body.” Merciless showed no mercy on video saying he will send back Ninja Man to St. Mary in pieces so “dem can tek him n tun him into banana chips.”

Will anyone be burnt into pieces with lyrics or chopped into pieces with rhymes? One thing for sure with Reneto De Cordova Adams as the referee all will be fair in this lyrical war.

Based on the response thus far, the promoters are adding projectors and additional viewing rooms as people craving to see a clash are finally getting what they want.

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