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Bredda Hype to lead clash from start to finish


Many patrons left Famous Nightclub two weeks ago feeling that Bredda Hype should have been the winner following their face-off with iconic selector Ricky Trooper, a sentiment which is shared by Bredda Hype.

Therefore, this time around, the St Elizabeth sound system aims to deliver a seamless performance in tonight’s battle with Portmore based Flava Unit.

According to Bredda Hype, they are not going to the club to draw any round, but will instead lead the clash from start to finish.

“Tonight, a just lone energy and straight winnings. Wi a come fi tun up the whole place and switch up the routine. We are looking to win by a huge margin, so that them cyah sey wi draw and rob wi,” the group told THE STAR, noting that they have been preparing.

The sound systems have never faced each other before, however, Bredda Hype said he has been doing his research. As for his opponent, “A good sound, dem a come fi duh dem best and dem a come fi put up a good fight. But Bredda Hype a come fi win this competition and take the victory to St Elizabeth,” Bredda Hype warned.


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