Bridge for Chesterfield And Plans For A By-Pass Of Anotto Bay … PM Holness


In a Vision exclusive we recorded this comment “PUT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ABOVE PERSONAL NEEDS …” uttered Dr. Norman Dunn, MP. Southeast St. Mary.

PM Holness Barefootted

Following the aftermath of the hotly contested by-election in Southeast St Mary … certain decisions now have to be taken. Electioneering is over, the tyres must again hit the tar to bring expected improvements uncovered. Many are looking forward for some form of reward.
Some constituents made requests during the campaign period. The honeymoon may be short lived.  Chesterfield which urgently needs a foot bridge … is prime on the agenda. The PM  Holness et al were seen walking bare barefoot across the Wag Water River on TV and in print media also social media.

Chesterfield is a solid JLP section in the division of Castleton Gardens and environs.

Pegasus Gathering

It was a massive outpouring of love as the masses gathered to celebrate with the newly minted and sworn in Jamaica Labour Party MP Dr. Norman Dunn of Southeast St. Mary Constituency. Last Tuesday November 1, 2017 on the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel lawns.

Dr. Dunn thanked all the workers who assisted in his victory and appealed to all to “put community development above personal needs.”  He was flanked by PM Holiness, Daryl Vaz who chaired the impromptu event, Hon. Robert Montague who was campaign chair for the by-election of St. Mary South East.

“I plan to be the MP for all of Southeast, St. Mary. I endorse the PM’s plans to build a by-pass for Annotto Bay … such developments open towns for growth.” Declared the elated  newly elected JLP MP for St. Mary Southeast.

Some 500 green clad supporter
converged on the Pegasus Hotel to attend the reception for the newly minted and sworn in MP Dr. Norman Dunn. They eat, drank and intermingled as they savoured their party’s success at the polls.

The top leadership of the JLP were in visible attendance on the lawns of the Pegasus Hotel. Seen were House Speaker Pearnel Charles Snr, National Security State Minister Pearnel Charles Jr., Shanine Robinson, Minister of Labour & Social Security, Fayval Williams, State Minister Finance, Juliet Holness, MP/wife of PM Andrew Holness to name a few of the dignitaries.

Feeding Of The 5000

It was like the biblical reenactment recorded of the feeding of the 5000. The organizers likely expected about half that amount … based on comments overheard uttered by those in the know. In the end all were taken care of and the Pegasus staff was gracious even as they appeared to have been stretched.

We wish MP Dunn all the success as he navigates not only politically, this rather treacherous terrain but also fulfill the dreams of this neglected area. It is no secret that Southeast St. Mary has been like a rudderless ship under the PNP. Poor infrastructure … like roads, youth unemployment and of course the Chesterfield foot bridge. Why go for a foot bridge, any way? … open up the community. Allow cars etc. to move produce to market. This is an agricultural area and of course 2017.


Their Community Centre sits idle in a strong PNP division. It was partially used as a polling station in the by-election on October 30, 2017.  When will it be refurbished for use to train the youths?.  That would be appreciated and a great start. Over to you Dr. Dunn. This may be the prescription to heal a ailing community.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper

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