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November 14, 2017
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Canadian Underground Hero Nate Husser Shares Geto Rock For The Youth, His First Solo EP

Critical Praise:
“Husser is like if Vince Staples fronted Pavement.” – Noisey

“One of the artists I’m most excited about right now is Husser” 

“You can expect to see a lot more of Husser in XXL if he continues to drop quality tracks and videos like this one.” – XXL
The EP + Video:
With an intensely personal aesthetic and influences from all over the musical spectrum, Nate Husser is one of the most uniquely creative emcees on either side of the US/Canada border. Blending his widespread musical and personal influences, including Beck and Rage Against the Machine, into a a hard-edged and lyrical dose of industrial rap, Husser shares Geto Rock For The Youth EPhis first solo EP. An invigorating release with a dark sonic palette, the Noisey-premiered GRFTY showcases Husser’s off-kilter charisma, nimbly weaving his high-pitched rasp through spaces in the beat. A member of the critically acclaimed rap group The Posterz, dubbed “best new rap group” by Jeff Weiss and the “pillars of the new wave of Montreal rap” by Complex, Husser establishes a compelling solo identity, sometimes aggressive, sometimes aspirational, but always defiant and clever. A compelling counterpoint to the dark, aggressive waves emanating from South Florida and SoundCloud, Geto Rock For The Youth is an impressive debut, positioning Nate Husser as a vital underground artist for the internet age

Explains Husser, “Geto Rock For The Youth is a vibe, a feel, a genre, a lifestyle, a sound. The project is heavily influenced by my childhood in the 90s, growing up with no Hip Hop radio station in my city. But still, I had great times and the good vibes and feels I soaked up and that stuck with me from that time are what I wanted to translate thru this project. I’m just doin what artists are born to do: Creating. Me and the other members of The Posterz–we gotta learn to create in collaboration as well as by ourselves, if we ever wanna be near as great as we all can be.”

Premiered earlier this week by Afropunk, Husser shared “Paintings For The Blind,” a lo-fi, slice of life video that demonstrates Husser’s charisma and character. The video follows Husser as he lives his life, hopping on a plane to a Caribbean island, where he plays soccer with the locals, rides a speedboat, drinks on the beach, and attends a birthday party. Starting with a low-key, minor guitar-and-bass groove, the song gradually builds up steam as the video reaches its climax, with Husser stunting on the street with an entire village of locals. The second track on Geto Rock For The Youth EP, “Paintings For the Blind” explores Husser’s (and society’s) ambition and his constant need for more, more, more: “I already have everything I need/A couple bad bitches and some good ass weed/But if I could just ask for one more thing/That would be a million bucks.” “Paintings For The Blind” is the second video from the project, following the atmospheric and claustrophobic “Catherine,” filmed by Husser himself on an iPhone.

Listen to Geto Rock For The Youth EP:
Smart URL:


Watch “Paintings for the Blind”:

Check out the Afropunk premiere:

Geto Rock For The Youth EP tracklist:

  1. Catherine
  2. Paintings For The Blind (Millions)
  3. KillaKop
  4. Paid To Party
  5. HollyHood
  6. That’s My Chain On Your Neck
  7. Marshall Mathers Type Beat
Please contact Dalton or 647 880 2355 for more info.
The Background:
It’s been a minute since the release of ‘Name Anotha N!99@’ but Nate Husser has kept
busy. Following a couple of freestyle videos and a string of unique collaborations – notably
a guest appearance on Charlotte Cardin’s moody ‘Like It Doesn’t Hurt’ – Husser dropped
the frantic ’Can’t Blame ‘Em’, which concretized his musical identity into something that
was unmistakably his own.

Having cut his teeth playing countless gigs with his band The Posterz, the challenge of
translating his music into a live setting proved to be quite effortless. Husser’s live sets are
injected with a healthy dose of showmanship and his unique rock-tinged approach to a
rap show helps to differentiate him from the rest of his peers. After road testing songs at
shows with acts such as Danny Brown, Post Malone and Night Lovell, Husser began
narrowing down the tracklist for what would become his debut EP ‘Geto Rock for the
Youth’, slated for a November 15th release. The EP features 7 dark and sonically dense
tracks; revealing personal stories through clever wordplay and unique flows. “The title
kinda says it all. Geto Rock For the Youth is the vibe, it’s the sound, the feel, it’s the
nostalgia” says Nate. “It’s for the youth in all us.”

The lead-off song ‘Catherine’ – an ode to his hometown’s main strip – serves as a
introduction to an EP that neatly encapsulates the nuances contained in Husser’s take on
hip hop. With an unconventional song structure and bleak yet honest lyricism, ‘Catherine’
is the sound of an artist speaking his truth no matter how harsh it may sound, following his
muse no matter where it takes him.

“Paintings for the Blind”:

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