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June 29, 2023 | Vision Newspaper |

On May 29th, Alberta celebrated an important milestone for women’s representation in Canadian politics. The results of the Alberta provincial election revealed a notable increase in the number of women joining Alberta’s Legislative Assembly, marking a momentous step forward in achieving gender equality in political leadership. 

In the previous term, women accounted for 31% of the provincial legislature. However, we are delighted to report that this number has now risen impressively to 36.7%. This increase represents a significant advancement in amplifying women’s voices and perspectives within the political sphere. 

With the number of women in the province reaching an all-time high of 36.7% in 2023, we see a  significant increase compared to previous years. While the United Conservative Party (UCP) maintains the same percentage of women in their caucus, the New Democratic Party (NDP) saw an increase, with 21 women members elected in 2023 compared to nine in 2019. 

The NDP caucus has set an inspiring example, with women comprising an exceptional 55% of their elected members. The NDP’s commitment to gender parity within their ranks demonstrates their dedication to fostering inclusive political environments and creating opportunities for diverse voices to contribute to decision-making processes. 

The UCP’s leader, Danielle Smith, becomes Alberta’s third elected woman premier. This leadership from Danielle Smith will continue to inspire new generations of young people as they see women leading.  

Equal Voice firmly believes that diverse perspectives are essential for effective governance. By electing more women, we not only bridge the gender gap but also enhance the democratic process and create a more equitable society. The results of the Alberta provincial election serve as a testament to the progress being made in breaking down barriers and fostering inclusive political landscapes. 

With this remarkable achievement, we hope to inspire further advancements towards gender equality in Canadian politics. By promoting women’s representation at all levels, we ensure that the voices and experiences of all citizens are reflected in the decision-making process.  

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