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Child Star Lil Kish Speaks out against “Woman Violence” in New Song

June 22, 2021 | Susan Smith |

Upcoming recording artiste and child star Lil Kish has a message for those who insight violence against women in a track aptly titled “Woman Violence.” Produced by Dappa Don Entertainment along with King Kish Records and Young Skhool Entertainment, the track was released in April 2021.

“The song is about violence against women and children, it happens too often and needs to be stopped,” the artiste explained. Based on current events, she saw it fit to make a statement that is timely and relevant.

“I want the message to bring awareness all over the world that violence against women and children is wrong and a change needs to be made,” she expressed. With its bold, no-nonsense statement, the song has been receiving positive feedback so far, especially with the accompanying music video. Directed and shot by Saii Media, the video supports the song’s message, depicting various acts of violence against women.

At just 11 years old, Lil Kish has always had an ear for music, introduced to the art through her father who owns a sound system. With encouragement and support from her parents, the young singer was launched into stardom and gained national attention with her December 2020 single, “Corona.” Using her talents to write positive and uplifting music that listeners can enjoy, her other singles include  “Living The Life” and “Times Like These.” With a music style focused on Reggae and Rap, the Mandeville-based singer has more in store, with two new singles in the works titled “Jamaican History” and “Rasta Girl.”

I want to say thanks to my supporters and all my well-wishers. Thanks for having me and you can find me on all social media platforms,” she stated.

Distributed by Zojak World Wide, “Woman Violence” is available for purchase and download on platforms such as Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

Susan Smith is a Public Relations Manager  with Powerhouse Global Media

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