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Citing financial benefits, Cayman Islands considers adopting daylight savings time

Cayman Island

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands _ The Cayman Islands is considering a switch to daylight savings time, citing potential benefits to its financial services and tourism sectors.

Commerce Minister Wayne Panton says adopting the spring-ahead, fall-back clock adjustments would put the Caribbean offshore financial centre more in sync with its “large client base in New York” and simplify business travel.

He also said Monday that the adjustments would also likely increase the number of hours that cruise ships are in Cayman ports.

The government of the three-island British territory is asking the public to take a survey on the possibility of adopting daylight savings time. A public consultation period runs through Oct. 30.

Daylight savings achieves its clock adjustments by making one day of the year 23 hours long and another 25 hours long.

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