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April 28, 2021
April 28, 2021

Debbie Bisson and Becky Bisson are Farm Chicks!


April 28, 2021 | JR Watkis |

Kingston, Jamaica – Media personality Debbie Bissoon and her sister Rebecca Bissoon have embarked on a farming series called Farm Chicks with Debbie and Becky. The sisters who grew up in the rural parish of Clarendon Jamaica were nurtured in a culture of a farm-to-table lifestyle by their family who is still active in farming. The family has cultivated peppers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, melon, pumpkins, cucumbers along with raising poultry and livestock.


The sisters have taken their interest on the road backed by the Digicel Foundation and Volkswagen Jamaica to visit 8 farms across Jamaica. Farm Chicks with Debbie and Becky will feature livestock, ground produce, aqua farmers, and the hostfarmers, while offering best practices for backyard farming.


For each episode, the ladies head to the farms in full glam and are dressed in their signature farm-ready denim outfits to take on a day’s labor guided by the host farmer.


Debbie Bissoon, known as a media personality and producer stated, “We are delighted to take on this new venture. For us it is a real full-circle moment, If the backyard didn’t have it, the family would be getting it from a community farmer or headed to the market to get it. Growing up I watched our Indian grandmother make everything from scratch including curry and coffee in a mortar so i am grateful to combine my knowledge of media production and our appreciation for farming for a show that will educate, entertain and inspire our young people and especially our women”.


Rebecca “Becky” Bissoon added,” Farming has proven time and again to be the most essential part of our lives. The importance of food and how we cultivate it should never leave our minds especially as we think about what the future looks like for the next generation. We hope that farming will be seen as viable, as fun as we will present it, trendy, and achievable.


Season 1 of the series will go live on the Farm Chicks YouTube page on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Viewers can the excitement on Instagram @officialfarmchicks





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    Farm chicks story is lovely. Like the pictures also. Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie.

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