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July 6, 2012 | By DJ Amber |
Jamaica 50 Song
In the media there is this controversy about the official Jamaica 50 song. One song was made before the change of government and since the new government is in power they launched a second one. This is what has triggered off the firestorm in the media. 
The people are not feeling good about it as it is bringing some kind of political tension into the celebrations. A statement was made by Lisa Hanna, the Minister of Youth and Culture, which didn’t help the situation. The basics of what she was trying to say was that it wasn’t their doing. At the moment we are all hoping that Jamaica 50 will live up to what it should be: beautiful and fun filled – a celebration of Independence; Jamaica has come a long way after all. Jamaica is on the world map for being the most famous West Indian Island for many reasons.
The people are leaning towards Mikey Bennet’s song, since Shaggy’s has more of a techno beat. Since 1962, Jamaica has kept a Festival Song Competition, there is much potential to find a lot of songs for the occasion, and people like to hear some of the older songs too.
People are very optimistic and upbeat about the Olympics. During the Jamaican trials at the National Stadium, Yohan Blake won the 100m race. That was a big thing, so people are a lot more fired up. Jamaica has more competitors that we know will stand out; a lot of countries are scared by this.
I’m not sure which dance Usain Bolt will show off when he wins, as Jamaica have not had many dancing songs out recently. The only one I can think of is Demarco’s ‘No Dirt”. Who knows what Usain is going to come with, maybe an original dance?
Reggae Sumfest is an annual, week long event a lot of people look forward to. Dancehall night, for me, has the best line up with a lot of young artists who are currently making an impact like: Popcaan, Tommy Lee, and Zamunda. As well as International night with Shabba Ranks. It has been 19 years since Shabba touched the Sumfest scene, so there is a lot of anticipation.
Ninja Man was due to perform at Sumfest, but we cannot confirm yet if we will see him because of a curfew order on conditions of his bail.

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