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Entertainers For Peace

There is a growing band of emerging and established entertainers who are waging a serious campaign against crime and violence in Jamaica. This is being propelled by some mainstream media.

Entertainers heading the list include Kryme Rate with his song, “Too Much Killin”, Profit Revelation, “Crime Free Jamaica,” Ras Oney ” Stop Di Fussing” and Von Globe, “So Sick” (of Violence).

There is also deejay Shaka Pow’s “Love God.” Mackie Conscious “Entertainers Against Crime and Violence” initiative is still in the news, in addition, to Guada, Valiant, Chi Ching Ching, Lahjihkal, all on the newly released Just for Peace album.

The entertainers are taking their campaign to stage shows, such as, Boom Box Fridays and Reggae Pon Top.

Over the weekend, some seven persons were killed in Jamaica, This includes a triple murder which has become weekly on the police radar.

As of October 22, 2023, some 1,100 persons were murdered in Jamaica.

One artiste who has become vocal in condemning this upsurge in violence is Ras Oney. The Spanish Town singer is urging mainstream media to support his song, “Tired Of The Fussing”.

“I wrote the song in 2000, some 23 years ago. I was hanging around some friends who were getting killed because of badness. Others had been sentenced to prison.

“I realized something was just not right; and I needed them to share my feeling that violence was not a solution for their social problems.

“It wouldn’t be easy to sit and talk to them, so I decided to send a message through music, hence this song.

Some important lines are:

You know mi tired a di fussing

A full time wi live loving

And ask Jah for more blessing

And spread di love wi got deep within…”

Another verse continues the theme:

“Jah know di time has come

For the youths to put down the gun

Wi all want to have some fun

So, tell me why shooter; each other down

Come mek wi party till di sun comes up.”

Quoting lines from another verse reads:

A full time for us to all unite

Too much innocent lose dem life

Some by the gun

Some by the knife….”

The song was recorded at Sugar Minott’s Youthman Promotion studio on the Tradition Family label. It was released in 2021, but needed more promotion.

Ras Oney has been performing the song at most of his outings for several years. These include, Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Trench Town, Kingston, Boom Box Fridays and Rubba Dub Thursdays.

He has recorded other singles including, “Exceptional”, the title track of his album.

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