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Jamaican PM Releases Statement on Shooting Death of 10 Year Old Jezariah Tyrell

December 30, 2021 | Vision newspaper |

Today Jamaican PM released the following statement regarding the shooting death of 10 year old Jezaariah Tyrell”

“This morning, we all woke up to the devastating news of the shooting death of 10-year-old Jezariah Tyrell. She was killed by unknown assailants at her home on Fleet Street, Kingston. Unfortunately, these incidents are taking place too often.

We are very concerned about the troubling trend of children being victims and perpetrators of violence and murder. My heart goes out to the family during this difficult time. Once again, violence has reared its ugly head, and we are left to mourn. I am deeply saddened.

I am appealing to residents to give all information to the security forces so the perpetrators can be brought to justice.”

SOURCE Andrew Holness

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