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Joe Biden Wins Pennsylvania, Now President-Elect

November 8, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

As the nail biting 2020 presidential elections in the USA draws to its grand finale, the wait for a winner shortens.  It was projected that Biden will win the prized state of pennsylvania.  That wait is now over. He has crossed the line.  News networks have been referring to Biden as president-elect.  Nancy Polosi, chair of the democratic party and Congress had made such a declaration before.  The path for Trump is like a mountain trail.  One commentator describes Biden’s path, a few days ago as like a “six lane highway and Trump’s like a hiking trail.”  Counting continues but the writing is on the wall for a Biden’s victory. He has passed 270 College votes. That is the magic figure to win the White House.

Integrity Of Voting

Despite the unsportsmanlike utterances of Presidential Trump who saw from afar that defeat was staring in his face was not gracious or magnamous in defeat. Such high ideals are not what one gets with a university diploma.  That is an inate quality not likely to be acquired at Walmart or McDonalds. Those are a rare breed of attributes that come with sound breeding.  Low class conduct produces below level unacceptable behaviour. To have implied that fraud had been committed in the voting process or was about to, without providing irrefutable proof is despicable, distasteful, disgusting and disgraceful if not most disappointing.  It was laughable at best.  Such could even be viewed as infantile.  Put up sir or shut up. You are only making yourself a laughing stock. Do not devalue the precidency sir. Let your legacy get some shine. It is not too late.

Observer Groups

International Observer Groups who monitored the elections unearthed no such evidence.  The penalty for Electoral fraud is so severe that such is a strong deterent to intended perpetrators.  After 200 plus years of trial and error, the US Electoral system has peacefully had smooth transition of power from one administration to another.  From one president to another.  Trump found himself on a limb.  A sole limb with his trumpet in his hand.  He is a sour loser.  The writing has long been on the wall even as the predicted landslide did not occur.  Pundits worth their salt were openly predicting a one term turkey as president.


President Trump and his Vice president Mike Pence’s handling of the COVID 19 event was enough ammunition to seal their eventual boarding of Airforce one to be taxied to their way to their departure destinations. They refused to recognize the seriousness of the virus and with mounting deaths and suffering showed no empathy for the widespread fallout being experienced by the people. This is a monumental crisis that was very poorly mismanaged.  It is reminicient of Marie Antoinette handling of the suffering in France on or about 1789.  Her indifference must have led to her downfall and eventual execution by the gulitine.  This is recorded in history as a sequel to the French Revolution.

Trump et al have been executed through the ballot box along with absentee mail-in ballots with no blood spilled.  Quite a contrast to the French style.  We await the final chapter in this drama. Will it produce any further surprises?  We hope not. The world has been at the edge of its seat. So much depends on a smooth transfer of power for the world largest economy.

Black Lives Matter

The widespread protests especially after the death of George Floyd by  racist leaning cops helped to seal Trump’s fate. He mishandled those series of events also.  He came across as uncaring and not a uniter-in chief. Sad indeed!  The bad publicly must have damaged his image.  Whites were in the street protests beamed across the world. It was q popular uprising. It was America’s Arab Spring.  Many including Alwin Marshall-Squire Editor of Vision Newspaper, Canada felt so.

Trump Must Blow Now …

Will Trump concede to Biden?  Graciousness demands nothing less.  He must blow the trumpet and send a decisive signal that he accepts without delay the will of the people.  Democracy demands nothing less. ToTrump must show that he can be a gracious loser. The world is watching you sir.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is an international student of politics & senior journalist of many decades.

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