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May 13, 2015
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Kalado releases new video


Dancehall artiste Kalado has released the much-anticipated video for his rising single, ‘Fling It Anywhere’.

The video was shot and directed by Ruption inside Club Envy in New Kingston.

“It’s a creative concept. Great camera-angled shots and magnificent graphics make it easy to conclude that this video is one of Kalado’s best so far,” said Miguel Noble, Kalado’s manager.

The video shows Kalado being entertained by some sexy vixens in a virtual world before the script is flipped and he is the one doing the entertaining.

Fling It Anywhere, produced by DreDay, is a mid-tempo track, filled with hardcore dancehall lyrics, mixed with Kalado’s unique style over an Afro-centric/calypso beat.

Kalado recently returned from Guyana where he performed at Club Monaco in Georgetown. It was the artiste’s first appearance in Guyana where he headlined the show. “The experience was good. It was my first time in Guyana so I definitely went there to leave a lasting impression and, based on the fans response after my performance, I am sure I achieved what I set out to. I would love to go back to Guyana in the near future,” said Kalado.

The artiste also shot the video for another single, Ghetto Youths, Want Money, on the ZJ Dymond-produced ‘Ghetto Bible’ rhythm. The song is getting heavy rotation on airwaves and in the streets. The video was shot in the Waltham Park area of St Andrew where Kalado is well known. He gave no definite release date but stated: “The video is in its final stage of editing, right now, and, so far, it is looking very good. Its coming together nicely and will be out during the course of this month.”


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