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December 21, 2019
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Kmetik Nyne deeply Rooted

Photo: Kmetik

Photo: Kmetik

You would be very hard-pressed to find an artist as innovative and engaging as Kmetik Nyne in the music scene today. This talented Jamaican artist from Montego Bay actually took to the web to launch a much-anticipated new release titled Deeply Rooted. This EP seamlessly bridges the gaps between a wide variety of musical styles, but it is also embedded in the classic sound of reggae. Today, genre definitions don’t matter as much as they used to, and this release is a perfect example of how modern artists set the bar higher so seamlessly, going for a more elastic and open-ended approach to their creativity.

The songs on the EP have different themes, and there is even a song about women having more respect for themselves! He also has a song titled Perfect Psalms, which is really all about never forgetting about your background, and always remember where you come from, because roots are very important in life, as hinted by the name of the EP itself!
He is currently promoting 3 songs, including Perfect Psalms, Ital, and Sip. With such relatable topics, it is easy to see why people are really connecting with this fresh EP. This beautifully produced release is a new

Photo: Kmetik

staple for the artist, and it engages with people, setting the bar higher on a deeper level. From the quality of the production, down to the exciting feel of the performance, everything here is balanced to perfection. Reggae music has always been loved by fans for its mystic, empowering tone. It has a stunning feel and it really sets the bar higher on a whole new level. In this case, it is amazing to see the genre feeling so alive and inspired, with such a talented new artist carrying the torch further and expanding the legacy of this beautiful music for the new generation.

If you have been enjoying listening to artists as diverse as Bob Marley, as well as, Peter Tosh, this talented artist should be right up your alley. We have no doubt that soon, he will become one of the biggest names in the contemporary music scene.
This is a perfect release to say goodbye to 2019 in style, and welcome 2020 with a big bang!

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