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May 4, 2015
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Miami Based Reggae Artist “Sea B” Aims For Second Billboard Hit With “Walk With You”


May 4th, 2015 – Gaining worldwide recognition as one of the members of renowned reggae band Roots Uprising, recording star Sea B is basking in the resurgence of reggae. Having taken a hiatus from the industry after the group parted ways, Sea B continued to hone his craft by working and creating music which led him to his 2006 single “Oh Jah” from his debut album reaching the Billboard 100 Charts. He has since been working on his second album which is set to release this coming June.

Already deemed a classic by music insiders, the quality and momentum behind this new single along with the rest of his upcoming Album “Journey Through Space and Time” showcases his growth. As Sea B aims to reach the Billboard Charts again he stated “As an artist you have to evolve, grow, you can’t remain stagnant no matter how much fame and experience you have

His latest single engages those of all ages while sticking to the roots and foundation of reggae and loversrock. Sea B who while growing up was exposed and influenced by a melting pot of cultures shares his experiences in Jamaica and Miami through his music. This is reflected in the first single off his album, “Walk With You” in which Sea B draws upon the admiration of a woman’s strength. When speaking with Sea B, he explains that the song was inspired by a woman care giver in Gordon Town who would wash her laundry at a river. While observing the mother figure, Sea B noticed a younger woman with a similar demeanor that also piqued his interest. He approached the second woman and asked “Can I walk with you? Can I talk with you and get to know you better?”

Sea B is currently working on promoting the new single, which will be receiving its first Media mention on Jamaica’s “The Release” which is featured every Tuesday Night at 8:30pm on HypeTV.

Great things are expected from this incredibly talented artiste who seeks to inspire and empower through his positive lyrical content and capture the attention of fans and listeners worldwide.

“Walk With You” is set to be released May 21st, 2015, being the only song available for purchase from the album during its pre-order period. The album releases Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015. The album will be distributed via Zojak Worldwide.

Sea B “Walk With You”

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