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Natasha Heschélle Goes Into Pre-production For Zahara TV Series

Toronto, On – Natasha Heschélle is an actress, writer, dancer and producer.  Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Heschélle moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue her acting career. From a very young age, Heschélle’s talent was obvious, with appearances in film, TV and commercials.  Acting came easy for the talented actor who loved the art of playing different roles and finding a way to bring something new to the table with each role.  Heschélle is constantly pushing herself to elevate her craft with each role.   The actor lives to entertain and perform, putting her heart and soul into each music and film project she takes on. The success of Heschélle’s artistic work results from a combination of experiences, training, passion and with the support of a strong home base.

Heschélle’s new project is the TV series, “Zahara.”  A sexy, action packed & funny story about an intense and passionate tragic love of the two central characters whose relationship threatens world destruction.  The series stars Heschélle.  “Zahara” is currently in pre-production and is set to release September 2024.  Heschélle is in talks with several streaming platforms.  Zahara” is produced by the actor’s company, Heschélle Entertainment.  Committed to the direction of her craft, Heschélle is careful with her choices. “Its important to be heard.”   The Canadian filmmaker’s objective is to create projects for actors that look like her, roles that are respectful and purposeful.  The artist brings this philosophy to every project she attaches too.  Heschélle’s TV & Film work has earned the popular artist a large following and industry respect.  Her serious dedication to her craft is always visible. The rapidly evolving Heschélle believes that through knowledge you grow.  “Zahara” is the next step in that evolution.

“For me, being a worthy member of the movie industry is earned by hard work and staying true to yourself.  It’s a responsibility.”     Natasha Heschélle

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