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October 13, 2017
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October 16, 2017

Nyah Bless Music drops “Tonight I Give In”

Photo: Nyah Bless

In 1983, American Rhythm & Blues singer Angela Bofill peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Black Singles chart with Tonight I Give In.
Last month singer Nateesha Stream released a cover produced by Nyah Bless Music label.
The Kingston-based Nateesha Stream has been singing for over a decade. She spoke about her rendition of the Bofill hit which has been generating a huge buzz on radio.
“This is a result of prayer. I always knew I had the ability and was destined for greatness. All I needed was someone who believed in me, and along came Nyah Bless,” Nateesha Stream told Splash.
We need your support. Please purchase a copy of the track, “Tonight I Give In,” by clicking the GREEN button located directly below this correspondence.  The video and a copy of her current media calendar are also included in this email. A biography and additional information are available on the artiste’s web page at

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